These are the slides for a five-day course I gave at the Oxford Center for Gene function in April (on behalf of Nobleprog). It was the first teaching I’ve done, and it shows.

  1. Front Matter
  2. Fundamentals
  3. Strings Types
  4. Containers – Lists
  5. Containers – Dictionaries
  6. Tuples Comprehensions
  7. Files Exceptions
  8. Regexs Files Exceptions
  9. Regular Expressions
  10. Iterators
  11. Database Access
  12. Biopython
  13. Numpy

I should warn you that my Biology education ended at 16, and most of the examples in the slides came from what I could fathom from Wikipedia – needless to say I made plenty of mistakes. It’s all Creative Commons Attribution 2.0, so you have a lot of freedom to reuse the material if you want to. The slides where created using S5 and ReST, and the source is in the zip.